Delphi 2007 Announcement

概要: Delphi 2007 Announcement

Delphi 2007 has been released. Please review the information below and also the attached readme and installation notes file, whichare also included with the product.


The default installation location for Delphi 2007 is C:\Program Files\CodeGear\RAD Studio\5.0. Therefore there is no danger of overwriting the installation of any previous version of Borland Developer Studio or Delphi. We would expect that you can run older versions of BDS and Delphi after having installed Delphi 2007.

Even though Delphi 2007 targets native Win32 binaries only, the IDE still has dependencies on .NET components such as the .NET Framework 2.0, .NET Framework SDK 2.0 and Visual J# 2.0. It also requires MSXML.These will be installed automatically if not present on the system.

Serial Number.

The new installation program prompts for a serial number. Please ensure that you have this ready when starting the installation.

Backward Compatibility

Delphi 2007 is backwardly compatible with all previous versions of Delphi. We would expect that projects created with previous versions of BDS and Delphi will work fine in Delphi 2007. If you use components supplied by a third party, please check with the supplier of these components for any known compatibility issues.

Windows Vista

Delphi 2007 features new functionality to target the Windows Vista Operating System. If you are planning to install Delphi 2007 on Windows Vista itself, please observe the following points:

  • In Windows Vista, you must run the installer while logged on either as Administrator or as a user with administrative privileges. That is, changes to the Program Files directory require elevated security.
  • The registration client occasionally fails on Windows Vista. To work around this problem, select Allow this program when the Windows Live OneCare Firewall appears, then exit and restart registration. Do not select Block this program, because doing so will prevent you from registering afterward
  • Windows Vista does not support the legacy WinHelp help viewer (WinHelp.exe). If you want to use .HLP files, see the Microsoft website (
  • If you use any of the CommonAVI's provided by the TAnimate component in Windows Vista, you must also add the component TShellResources from the Win32 tab of the component palette to your project. Windows Vista no longer contains backwards compatible shell animations, and the TShellResources component adds the following replacement animation resources to your executable:
  • If you are using BDE on Windows Vista, you will need to reconfigure BDE so that it does not attempt to write files to the C:\<root> directory. To do this, log on as an administrator and run BDEAdmin.exe, located at Program Files\Common Files\Borland Shared\BDE. Under Native, click PARADOX, and change NET DIR to point to a location other than the root directory. A suggested target is C:\Users\Public\Documents\RAD STUDIO.
  • If you rebuild an existing VCL application that uses the TOpenDialog or TSaveDialog components, or the MessageDlg functions, and run it under Windows Vista, it uses Vista file and task dialogs rather than traditional open, save, and message dialogs. If this is not desired, set the global variable UseLatestCommonDialogs to False at the beginning of a program to force the original behavior.
  • To run and debug VCL for the Web (IntraWeb) applications, you should use Windows 2003 or Windows XP. If you are using Windows Vista, you must turn off User Access Control (UAC) when debugging VCL for the Web applications. For more information about IntraWeb, see
  • On Vista with UAC enabled, if an executable's file name includes "setup", "update", or "install", you cannot debug the program unless the IDE is started under the System Administrator account. Trying to run executable files that include these strings outside of the IDE triggers a "User Account Control" dialog requesting the password for the System Administrator account. Running within the IDE without debugging raises an error indicating the program requires privilege elevation. Running within the IDE with debugging raises a process creation error. For more information, see


If you upgraded from Borland Developer Studio, you can continue to use that license as well as long as you are the only user.