How can I add Myfaces "Tomahawk" components to Jbuilder?

概要: How can I add Myfaces "Tomahawk" components to Jbuilder?


How can I add Myfaces "Tomahawk" components to JBuilder?


Go to Tools | Configure Libraries | New... | fill in the 'name', choose 'user home' for the location, and
then select the JAR file(s) associated with the 'Tomahawk' third-party components, and click OK.�
Then find and select the library in the 'Configure libraries' list.� Now, choose the 'Framework' field,
select 'User defined JSP tag library', click 'Add...' and in the 'Define new tag library' dialog, click the
ellipsis button, navigate to the tld file and select it, fill in any unfilled in fields as necessary and click
OK -- you should see the 'JSP Tab libraries' tab filled in on the main 'Framework' tab of the library.
See the existing 'JSF' library definition as an example of how it should look.

Now, create a new Web Module (File | New | Web | Web Module (WAR)), and during Step 3 of 3,
check the box for 'User defined Tag Library' and click Finish -- the tag library should now be usable
in your JSPs.� Also, when you create new JSPs, you should be able to select the 'User defined Tag
Library' to automatically import the tag library in the JSP for immediate use.