Newsgroup Guidelines

Embarcadero is pleased that you are using these newsgroups, and hopes that you find them to be a useful and interesting place to exchange ideas and information. To foster better communications we ask that you be aware of a few things.




  1. Embarcadero does not offer any formal support in the product newsgroups.

  2. Embarcadero does not necessarily endorse, support, or agree with the opinions or statements expressed in any of the newsgroups. Any information placed online is solely the view of those who post it.

  3. These are Embarcadero's newsgroups. By participating, you grant to Embarcadero the unrestricted right to use, reproduce, modify, translate, display, perform, transmit and distribute any material you post to a newsgroup in any present or future medium and for any purpose, including commercial purposes.

  4. Messages found in violation of the Newsgroup Guidelines are subject to cancellation without notice, however we may make a reasonable effort to notify a newsgroup user if their message has been cancelled.




  1. Do not advocate or engage in unlawful activities.

  2. Do not post copyrighted material without permission of the author.

  3. Do not post anything that is libelous, abusive, hateful, an invasion of anyone's privacy, harmful to other users, or harmful to the business interests of Embarcadero. We would like our newsgroups to be a place where people of all ages and cultures may participate so we ask you to please refrain from using coarse language in your posts as it could be considered grounds for cancellation. Click here to review Embarcadero's Legal Notices 

  4. Do not crosspost or multipost your message. Post your message to the single most appropriate group. Place all of the information relevant to your post in the message body. Do not assume that everyone can see or will read the subject line.

  5. Do not attach data or files to your message. We do not recommend the use of vCards as they are considered an attachment and a nuisance to most newsgroup participants. If you need to post data or files, post them to the "Attachments" group. 

  6. Do not post HTML messages. Post plain text messages.

  7. Do not post product announcements or advertisements to inappropriate groups. There are several newsgroups specifically for third party tools where you may post relevant product announcements.
    Recruitment notices should be posted to the "Jobs" groups only.





    Information on General Newsgroup Etiquette can be found here .