InterBase Newsgroups

We provide these newsgroups as a user supported area to exchange information, tips and techniques on our products for the global community of CodeGear customers.

We encourage members of this community to assist each other with technical questions. We have established a special relationship with a group of volunteers known as TeamB . TeamB members come from a wide range of backgrounds and professions, with a willingness to give their time, expertise, and advice to enhance the technical skills of other customers.

We do not offer any formal support in these newsgroups, except for questions on product installation. We will make every reasonable effort to help customers posting such questions in the Installation group for the appropriate product.

Please spend a few moments reviewing our Newsgroup Guidelines and Newsgroups Etiquette tips prior to entering our newsgroups.

For users that may have access difficulties from within a corporate firewall or would prefer to peruse our newsgroups in a web-based format, you can do so at

Click here for the Interbase FAQ.