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17 Jun 2014 Reverse Engineering an InterBase database with ER/Studio causes Runtime Error
This issue is resolved in latest download of ER/Studio Developer Edition
Quinn Wildman Article
15 Jan 2014 XE5 Update 2 FireDAC Explorer link not working
XE5 Update 2 FireDAC Explorer link not working
John Frazier Article
13 Nov 2013 Changing InterBase connection defaults in RAD Studio
If the install of RAD Studio finds an existing InterBase installation, it installs an additional InterBase instance and configures the IDE to use it. This may result in connections to InterBase outside of RAD Studio working, but connections inside of RAD Studio result in the error "unavailable database".
Quinn Wildman Article
28 Mar 2013 FireDAC install fails with C++ Builder XE3 only installed
The FireDAC install requires fmx.dcp which is not included with C++ Builder XE3
Quinn Wildman Article
13 Mar 2013 FireDAC install for alternate IDE versions
This article show you how to install FireDAC to versions of RAD Studio other than XE3
Quinn Wildman Article
4 Sep 2012 How to use InterBase XE3 ToGo Test Deployment licenses included with Rad Studio
Rad Studio XE3 and later (Professional edition and above) includes an InterBase XE3 ToGo Test Deployment licenses. Below is information on how to use the InterBase XE3 ToGo Test Deployment license in case you do not have it for one reason or another.
Quinn Wildman Article
8 Nov 2011 DBX error:Driver could not be properly initialized
This error means the client for database you are trying to connect to cannot be found, or the wrong version was found.
Quinn Wildman Article
5 May 2010 Enabling MS SQL Native Client 2005 Connections in Data Explorer
This article shows how to enable MS SQL Native Client 2005 connections in the Data Explorer for RAD Studio 2010.
David Powell Article
14 Sep 2007 SocketServer service fails to start on Non-English Windows.
The Socketserver service does not start on a Non-English version of WindowsXP, or Vista
Ray Vecchio Article
7 May 2007 BDE Merge Module for BDS 2006
The BDE Merge Module for use with MSI installers is now available for registered users of Borland Developer Studio 2006
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