How to apply InterBase ToGo updates to Rad Studio XE3/XE4

Abstract: Most of the working is unzipping the appropriate files to the %IBREDISTDIR% folder.

Q. I've downloaded InterBase XE3 ToGo updates. What do I need to do to get RAD Studio XE3/XE4 to use them?

A. Almost all InterBase ToGo files used by RAD Studio are contained in your %IBREDISTDIR% folder.

The InterBase XE3 ToGo Update is collection of zip files of these directories (and more):

To update RAD Studio to have it use the InterBase ToGo update, most of the work is updating the %IBREDISTDIR% folder. Extract the appropriate min version version (if appropriate) and copy it to the appropriate folder within your %IBREDISTDIR% folder.  For and, extract the ios_device and ios_sim folders within the .zip file to the %IBREDISTDIR% folder. For Win32_togo, win64_to and osx32_togo folders within the %IBREDISTDIR% folder, extract the contents of the corresponding min file. For example, extract the contents to %IBREDISTDIR%\Win32_togo.

Finally, the static library for iOS device needs to be extracted to the appropriate library within your RAD Studio XE4 install. To do so, extract libibtogo.a from to the lib\iosDevice\debug and lib\iosDevice\release folders within your RAD Studio XE4 install. Note that libibtogo.a does not apply to RAD Studio XE3 as it does not include mobile development.