Error: RAD Studio's help namespace is not defined

Abstract: You can re-install help from the installer cache to resolve this error

Q. When I try to access help from RAD Studio I get the error "RAD Studio's help namespace is not defined". How can I fix this?

A. You can fix this by re-running the help installer from your installer cache. First, you have to find your installer cache. To do so, find the Modify, Repair, Uninstall shortcut in your Rad Studio install in the start menu, right click on it and select Properties. Select the shortcut tab, then click the Open File Location button.

Clicking the Open File Location button will cause Windows Explorer to open similar to below.

You have now navigated to your installer cache folder. Open the Help System Installer Folder, then the mFileBagIDE.dll folder, then the bag folder. Double clck on Help_Setup.exe to re-run the help installer.

Finally, when prompted whether you want Repair or Remove your Help install, select Repair.