Error: "InterBase is not licensed", when using Interbase ToGo

Abstract: Lists possible causes for this error

Here are all the possible causes for the error "InterBase is not licensed" when using InterBase To edition we could think of:

  1. You have multiple connections to the same database. InterBase ToGo only allows one connection to a database and all subsequent concurrent connections to a database will result in this error. The most common cause for this condition is where you have a connection to your database in an IDE (Rad Studio, Delphi, C++ Builder, Visual Studio) and then run your application from the IDE, thereby attempting a second connection. To resolve this problem, do not connect to the database in your IDE and open the connection to your database in the OnCreate event of your application.
  2. Your installation of InterBase ToGo is not licensed. If you have the full installation of Interbase ToGo, you can run licensemanager.exe from the bin folder of your Interbase ToGo installation to verify your licenses. Note that licenses for ToGo are specific to each installation. So, if you have multiple installs for InterBase ToGo on your computer, each installation needs to be licensed.
  3. The directory structure for your InterBase ToGo deployment is invalid. The structure needs to look like this:
  4. <InterBase>



  5. You have an INTERBASE environment variable pointing to an invalid location
  6. InterBase ToGo Licensing cannot be found. By default, the InterBase folder should located in the same directory as where your ToGo client library (for example: ibtogo.dll on Windows 32 bit) is located. If this is not the case, then the INTERBASE envirornment variable may be used to indicate where the licensing folder is located.