Turbo Explorer Prerequisites

Abstract: How to download the prerequisites for Turbo C++ and Turbo Delphi

The links to download the prerequisites for the Turbo products point to Borland servers that no longer work. The prerequisites need to be downloaded directly from Microsoft's web site and then manually installed on the system before the Turbo products can be installed.

Go to http://download.microsoft.com and search on each of the prerequisites listed below. Copy and paste each of the prerequisite names into the download search box. The MDAC 2.7 and IE 6 prerequisites are normally not needed as most new systems have MDAC 2.8 and IE 7 or IE 8 already installed. Follow the installation directions on the Microsoft download pages for each prerequisite.

•       Microsoft Data Access Components 2.7 SP1

•       Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1 Redistributable

•       Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1 SP1

•       Microsoft .NET SDK v1.1

•       Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 SP1

•       Microsoft Visual J# v1.1 Redistributable

•       Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) v4.0 SP2

Listed below are the links that were current when this article was written:

Microsoft Data Access Components 2.7 SP1 (not needed if MDAC 2.8 is already installed)

Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1 Redistributable

Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1 SP1

Microsoft .NET SDK v1.1

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 SP1 (normally not needed)

Microsoft Visual J# v1.1 Redistributable

Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) v4.0 SP2