How to get a license for Strong Encryption (AES) for InterBase

Abstract: AES licenses are free. They may be obtained at time of purchase, or from sales subsequently

Q. The InterBase product page says "You can use weak or strong encryption, though to use strong (AES) encryption, you must obtain an optional strong encryption license, available at no additional charge." If Strong Encryption is free, why do I need a separate license? How do I get the separate license?

A. Strong Encryption is available in InterBase since the release of InterBase 2009. This article applies to subsequent releases also. The reason for the separate license has to do with export controls. While InterBase can be exported to pretty much everywhere, AES encryption cannot. If there was no separate license for strong encryption, then there would be some countries where InterBase could not be sold.

For e.g.
If you purchase InterBase 2009 from our ecommerce site, Strong Encryption is automatically added for free.

Qty Product Delivery Unit Price Total Price  
InterBase 2009 SMP Server New User and 1 User $200.00 $200.00  
InterBase SMP 2009 Strong Encryption Free Free  
To change the quantity of an item, enter the desired quantity in the Qty field and click Update. To remove an item from your cart, change the quantity to "0" and click Update.   Total $200.00  

If you purchase InterBase from a reseller or even our sales department, the person selling you your product might not make this connection.  Or, you might purchase from our ecommerce site and not elect to receive a Strong Encyption license at that time. In either of these cases, if you subsquently want an InterBase Strong Encyption license, you must contact our sales department who will place a free of charge order for you.