How to update debugger and php version used by Delphi for PHP

Abstract: A newer version of debugger used by Delphi for PHP is available. This article describes how to update to it and the latest PHP version.

Below is the process that should allow you to update the debugger and PHP version used by Delphi for PHP. This process is not offically supported at this time, but has been informally tested by QARAM on Windows Vista with Delphi for PHP with no updates. Codegears plans to update the included PHP version and corresponding debugger in a future version of Delphi for PHP.

-Download updated debugger from , the download page is and you have to download the binaries for Win32 platform: -> Listener -> php extension

-Download PHP from , the download page is and you will need to download the Windows binaries, zip package: -> full setup

-Extract all .zip files so you will have the contents for all them in separate folders

-Copy contents of the PHP package into Delphi for PHP\1.0\php folder, overwrite all files if prompted

-Copy contents of dbg-cli package into Delphi for PHP\1.0\debugger, overwrite all files if prompted

-Copy php_dbg.dll-5.2.x from the dbg package, from the x86 folder, into Delphi for PHP\1.0\php\ext

-Delete existing php_dbg.dll or rename it, as this dll works with PHP 5.1.3 only and now, rename php_dbg.dll-5.2.x to php_dbg.dll

-Open Delphi for PHP\1.0\php\php.ini.template, modify the memory_limit=8M to memory_limit=32M and remove the line extension=php_filter.dll, as it is not needed on PHP 5.2.

-Open Delphi for PHP, to check your PHP version is updated, create an empty unit.php file and write this code:


-Execute that script using F9 and check the PHP version on the information page you will see

-To check the debugger, just place a breakpoint, press F9 and make the program to execute the code on the breakpoint