Capturing Debug Information from the JBuilder installation program

Abstract: Capturing Debug Information from the JBuilder installation program

Product: JBuilder 2006, 2007

JBuilder uses the InstallAnywhere installation engine. Sometimes it is necessary to troubleshoot installation issues. The following two methods can be used to obtain useful debug information from the installation program.

The simplest way is to get debug information redirected to a console window. To do this, follow these instructions:

1. Start the installation program. The first thing this will do is extract the files.

2. When the progress bar reaches about 90%, press and hold down the Ctrl key. When the first screen of the installation wizard appears, a console window will also pop up. �

3. When the installation program has finished, you can copy the console output and paste it into a text editor.

The second, more complicated procedure, which could be necessary if you cannot get a console window to appear for some reason, is as follows:

1. First launch the installer and allow it to extract the necessary files. Once it reaches the first screen with a Next Button, go to your windows "temp" directory (normally c:\Documents and settings\<user name>\Local Settings\Temp). Here you will find a folder named with an I followed by several numeric digits, eg I1164119275. To make sure you have the most recent directory, sort the directories by "last modified".

2. Open the directory and you should see a file called "sea_loc". Delete it. Now go back to the installer, and choose Cancel.

3. Now go back to the directory inside the temp directory, where you deleted the "sea_loc" file. You should find another directory called "Windows". Open it. Here you should find an executable named jbinstall.exe - this is the installation program. You should also find another file named jbinstall.lax. This is a text file.

4. Edit jbinstall.lax with a text editor.

5. Locate the entries, lax.stderr.redirect= and lax.stdout.redirect=

6 Change them to read:



After you have made these changes, save the file and launch the jbinstall.exe. When the installation is complete you should end up with an output.txt file in the same directory as the .lax file. The output.txt file should contain the same information as that generated in the console.