How do I disable Error Insight?

Abstract: How do I disable Error Insight?

  • Product Name: Delphi 2005 and Borland Developer Studio 2006
  • Product Component: N/A
  • Platform/OS Version: Windows


    Error Insight is a� feature of the IDE, which, when enabled, underlines your erroneous code (in the editor) in red squiggly underline and in addition, shows each error under the Errors node in the Structure View window (highlighted in blue), as seen in the picture below.



    In order to disable Error Insight, from the IDE's main menu, select Tools, Options.

    In the Options dialog, navigate to Editor Options, Code Insight, select the Source file type (either C#, Pascal or HTML)� and uncheck Error Insight (as seen in the figure below).


    In order for the settings to become active, you need to swich to another file in the code editor, and switch back to the original file in the code editor, or close and reopen the project.