Size of user created libraries are zero bytes

Abstract: Size of user created libraries are zero bytes


JBuilder was working fine, but now it freezes at the splash screen. In addition, files in the .jbuilderX or .primetimex folder seem to be created with zero bytes. What may have happened to cause this behavior to occur?


This issue can occur if files have been added or modified to under the <JBuilder>/lib or <JBuilder>/<jdk1.4>/lib. Specifically, this behavior would occur if I attempted to swap out any of the xml parsing libraries with new versions.

In the event you need to work with another xml parsing library in your project, do not replace the ones that were installed with JBuilder, but instead simply place the updated archive in some other location on your hard drive. Then create a library definition that refer to the archives using Tools | Configure Libraries. Finally, open the Project Properties | Paths | Required Libraries | and add the library you created to the list.