Retroguard Obfuscator Sample OpenTool in JBuilder 8

Abstract: Retroguard Obfuscator Sample OpenTool in JBuilder 8


Retroguard obfuscator is mentioned in the feature matrix for JBuilder 8, where is this located?


JBuilder 8 provides a sample OpenTool project that you can build for performing JAR obfuscation within JBuilder:


Once you have compiled this project, deploy the generated JAR file into the JBuilder/lib/ext directory. When JBuilder is restarted, it will automatically load the OpenTool.

Now, you can control whether an archive node's JAR is obfuscated via its Properties | Obfuscation property page.

NOTE: The version of RetroGuard in this sample will not work with projects that have Java 2 SDK, v 1.2 or later as the target VM.