Cannot continue after bugcheck.

Abstract: Cannot continue after bugcheck.

Internal gds software consistency check. Cannot continue after bug check. I get the error "Internal gds software consistency check. Cannot continue after bug check." when I try to run a query; what does it mean? It probably means your database is corrupt. How the database got corrupted cannot be determined from the error. There are various ways a database can be corrupted. A document listing possible causes of database corrruption can be found at:,1410,25581,00.html How can I fix my corrupt database? There are a few things you can try.
  • Run database validation using either IBConsole or gfix. For more information look at the InterBase Operations Guide pages 132-133, and 140-143.
  • Try backing up and restoring your database. For more information on backing up and restoring your database, see InterBase Operations Guide chapter 7.
  • Identify all of the tables involved in the operation causing the "software consistency check" error message. Drop all of the indices on those tables, then recreate all of the indices. For more information on dropping and creating indices, see the InterBase Data Definition Guide pages 123-127.
If all else fails, restore from backups and hope fervently that the backup is not also corrupt.