Bugs fixed in InterBase 6

Abstract: Bugs fixed in InterBase 6

Bug # Description
76353 GBAK truncates metadata names after the first space, causes damaged backup
73766 SELECT .. WHERE .. BETWEEN crashes server
71191 Killing a client during a read crashes the server
60278 Adding multiple licenses concurrently causes crash
60422 don't do - appears to not be in released build
60403 GPRE crashes with examples/stat3.e
60425 GPRE does not give error for DROP INDEX 'ind1'.
60430 ISQL showing wrong datatype for UDFs
100331 SELECT from View with grouping causes server crash
101628 Creating too many generators can corrupt your database
59012 Changes are not undone when exception is raised in before insert trigger
68063 Adding id and key in wrong order when adding a license causes server to crash
64318 If lock table is out of room the server crashes.
59080 Server crash doing aggregate on aggregate view
60316 ibserver does not recognize invalid WRITE error, and runs forever
71495 Queries with LIKE against Korean data set crash the server
76500 Selecting the rdb$db_key with a group by will crash the server.
71953 Create procedure statement which references a non-existent generator causes hang
61504 Install not recognizing non-administrative user.
75637 Error 997;Overlapped I/O operation is in progress when stopping service on WIN2K
60320 UNIX Install: Install scripts use ps cmd that is not portable
60166 GBAK fails to restore a gdb that was successfully backed up
60428 GPRE does not handle delimited cursor names properly
60365 Server appears to start as both service and App (Icon on task bar)
60496 Incorrect result for "select -999.99 ..." in gpre
70788 procedure mismatch during alter procedure causes procedure to become useless.
75902 Granting permission to update a column doesn't work for roles
70109 All work done by triggers is not undone when an exception is raised.
72458 dynamically loading and unloading of gds32.dll causes resource leaks
87659 Stored Procedure returns incorrect result set
72112 It is possible to enter 0000 as a valid year.
102882 Select count(e.rdb$db_key) from employee e causes connection lost to database
64315 Command line help for ibmgr lists passwd instead of password
66143 Stored Procedure produces different results the second time it is called
75310 When Guardian restarts the server a thread handle is not closed
74091 Subqueries are not supported with the between predicate
67046 Dates with year greater than 10000 and less than 1 can be inserted successfully
60310 UNIX Install: /usr/interbase link is not correct if directory exists.
60314 UNIX Install: All links are pointing directly to install dir.
60360 Altering a domain type does not rebuild any indicies which were defined.
66339 Cannot transliterate characters between character sets error when concatenating
61481 Creating db with stored procedure results in Parameters mismatch for procedure
70628 The guardian continually tries to start the server if a license cannot be found
70443 -pa is incorrectly documented as command line option for gbak
102351 The make files in the examples all have InterBase 5.0 comments
60255 Set options in ISQL are not parsed, until connecting to a db
60325 Restore of ISC4.GDB generates an error but it created anyway
60220 Location of ib_udf.dll is not documented
69057 Incorrect results for timestamp calculations
62001 GFIX with no parameters does not generate an error
58988 Altering a procedure being run by another procedure fails
60221 Data Definition Guide section on declaring external files no clear
58983 GRANT statement to Stored Procedures and Triggers fail
58985 NOT NULL constraints are evaluated prior to triggers
59022 SQL Error -924 when specifying and using alternate character set
59035 GBK permisison error for db owner when other user creates a table
59050 Error -607 when valid user revokes select privilege
60188 Stored Procedures can be made to be Undeletable
60451 EXIT followed by when SQL SQLCODE causes rollback
62174 Triggers can created on non-existing fields
68159 A UDF can point to any entry point to any system call
59014 Incorrect use of index on dup values causes crash
60124 Conversion problem: Cast produces wrong result
60288 Attempting to remove license using badly formatted key/id causes crash