Using cross-process breakpoints

Abstract: Using cross-process breakpoints


What is a cross-process breakpoint and how is it used in JBuilder?


Used with remote debugging, across-process breakpoint causes the debugger to stop when you step into any method or the specified method in the specified class in a separate process. This allows you to step into a server process from a client process, rather than having to set breakpoints on the the client side and on the server side. You will usually set a line breakpoint on the client side and a cross-process breakpoint on the server side.

When you're in a debugging session, right-click an empty area of the Data and code breakpoints view and choose Add Cross-Process Breakpoint. The Add Cross-Process Breakpoint dialog box is displayed. To set a cross-process breakpoint, In the Class Name field, use the Browse button to browse to the class. Optionally, use the Browse button to display the Select Method dialog box where you can browse through the methods available in the selected class. If you do not specify a specific method, the debugger will stop at all methods.