JBuilder crashes while debugging

Abstract: JBuilder crashes while debugging


In Windows, when I attempt to stop the debugger, the entire IDE crashes. Why is this happening, and how is it resolved?


This is a known issue with the JDK's (dt_shmem) debugging transport mechanism under Windows.

The following descripting and workaround is from the JBuilder release notes (<JBuilder>/release_notes.html)::

If you are experiencing intermittent crashes when debugging in JBuilder under Windows, this could be caused by the presense of the dt_shmem.dll in the JDK. This DLL is used as an implementation of the debugging protocol on Windows (used in communication between the debugger and debuggee), and causes intermittent problems. To avoid using this DLL, remove it from any JDKs you are planning to use for debugging, and make sure that any directories that contain this DLL do not appear on your system PATH. If you do this, the alternate dt_socket.dll will be used for the debugging protocol. This DLL does not appear to have the problems of dt_shmem.dll.