SQLj Error: unable to read input file

Abstract: SQLj Error: unable to read input file


What is the cause of the following error message:

"mySqlj.sqlj": <path to project>\TestSQLj\*.java: Error: unable to read input file <path to project>\TestSQLj\*.java


This error can occurr when SQLj has not been correctly configured in JBuilder. Often, this is related to the library defination for SQLj. This can occur if multiple versions of the same SQJj JARs are added to the library defination-- for instance, if the library defination included all of the JARs included in the /SQLj/lib directory: runtime11.jar, runtime12.jar, runtime12ee.jar, runtime.jar, runtime-nonoracle.jar, translator.jar. In this case, you will want to specify only one "runtime" and "translator" jar to the SQLj library defination.