How do I add a Text File to the Root of my War File?

Abstract: How do I add a Text File to the Root of my War File?

Information in this Brief applies to:

  • Borland JBuilder 9.0 +
  • Non-OS Specific


Though it defies the WAR specification, it is possible to include specific file types in the root of your Web Archive


The quickest way to get a file type included in a war (we'll use "" as our example) is to drop the file in your WebApp root directory and follow these steps:

Click Tools->IDE Options and select the File Types Tab.
Under that tab, select the text file type and hit the Add button.
In the dialog that pops up, enter the extension for the file you're planning to include.
Hit the OK button.
Right-click on your webapp and select properties.
Select the WebApp tab and select the File Types Included tab.
Under that tab check the checkbox next to the text file type.
Once you hit the OK button your files will be surfaced under your webapp root and will be built into the WAR when you rebuild it.